About Konstruct, LLC

Mission Statement

Creating situations that provide technical business solutions with a focus on integrating web and mobile technologies.


Konstruct's philosophy is to provide superior customer service and quality products in pursuance of the mission statement. Also, we pride ourselves in providing a stress free and relaxing work environment for employees. Employees are our most important resources.

Company Synopsis

Konstruct is a limited liability company formed to provide technical business solutions with a focus on web and mobile technologies. The mobile technology industry is growing at a rapid rate with competitors introducing many exciting and cutting edge products and solutions for consumers and organizations. We foresee a gradual short term shift in the mobile device market share from Apple's iPhone to Google's Android and a long term shift to mobile applications being provided at the mobile browser level.

We are preparing to take advantage of these changes by providing our customers with a packaged solution. That initial packaged solution will generally include, but not limited to, a presence on the iPhone, Android, and mobile browser. Our strengths and core competencies are our extensive experience of project management, technical business development, cutting-edge techniques, and streamlined methodologies. We also pride ourselves in customer service, our knowledge of the IT industry, the ability to attain highly skilled personnel, our willingness to provide a great working environment, and awareness of the importance of continuous improvement.