Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific goals and objectives. Considering this, why not have all of your IT business needs fulfilled with one shop.

Let our core competencies provide your organization with quality IT solutions while you continue your daily grind stress free. With the assistance of the project management discipline Konstruct will provide a task oriented solution to meet your goals and objectives. We will guide you through the project staging process complete with visual tools and thorough documentation to provide a quality product and a great customer experience. We are aware that projects whether small are large are important and should be well documented and presented to the customer in a transparent fashion.

Information Technology Business Solutions

At Konstruct we are aware that an IT solution is only as valuable as the business process that it supports. An organizationís business requirements are integral in the success of their direction and vision.

In pursuance of this principle, we will always gather our customerís business requirements before a Statement of Work or Project Plan has been created. The statement of work provided for your IT business solution will define work activities, deliverables, timeline, and pricing structure. The project plan for your IT business solution will guide the project execution and project control of your endeavor. It will specifically document planning assumptions and decisions, facilitate communication among all stakeholders, and document approved scope and schedule baselines.

Web and Mobile Technology Integration

We are aware that most organizations seek web-oriented solutions when attempting to reach their customer base or streamline internal business tasks. However, considering the recent innovation in smartphones and mobile technologies it is our job to increase your awareness of this market.

With the careful design and implementation of web and mobile technologies your organization will be able to increase communication and information flow with its customers and users. Mobile technologies allow organizations to instantaneously communicate with its current customers, corral future customers, and champion potential customers at a constant rate. Konstruct will not only prepare you for current web and mobile technologies; we will design integration points for future technological advances.